Positive Mental Attitude – Living Your Life With a Positive Attitude

By | March 10, 2018

It’s no secret, when you can maintain a positive mental attitude towards your life, your experience of life gets better.

Far too many of us live a life of quiet dissatisfaction. Living life lukewarm. You aren’t happy. But you aren’t unhappy either. You are just comfortable enough to be stuck right where you are.

Yet, truth be told, when you can change your mindset you will transform your life.

That’s why learning how to maintain a positive mental attitude towards your life is so valuable.

Here are a few tips to help you have a more positive outlook on life.

How to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude:

1st, never forget that you have the power to choose how you live each moment of your day.

You can choose to live with an attitude of gratitude and find the blessings of each day. On the other hand, some people choose to focus on what they don’t have instead of the blessings.

As you can imagine, when you find the blessings in life, its easy to remain joyful. But when someone looks at what they lack and what they don’t have, that’s when joy is harder to find.

2nd, You are a beloved child of God. The power of God is within you.

Far too often, we tend to forget that we are beloved children of God. Instead we chose to identify with and hold onto feelings and emotions that are happening. We falsely believe that we are sad or lonely. When the truth is, it is simply a thought or feeling passing by like clouds in the sky.

It’s true, sometimes your circumstances may seem bleak, and that’s okay. All you have to do is remember that the indwelling spirit of God within you is greater than any circumstance you will ever face.

Circumstances may sometimes appear bleak, but nothing and no one can keep God’s good from me.

That’s why it’s important to spend time in prayer and meditation connecting to God’s power. The fact of the matter is, the more you pray the easier it becomes to choose faith over doubt. What’s more, one of the benefits of meditation is the more you meditate, the more empowered you become to choose peace over worry.

And as if that wasn’t enough, prayer and meditation give you the strength and clarity you need to embrace life fully.

Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude Towards Life

3rd, let go and let God be in control of your life. It’s interesting, when you surrender your will to God and let God handle it. It’s so much easier to maintain a positive mental attitude towards your life. And the more you can maintain a positive mental attitude. The more you begin to attract all the resources you need to overcome any challenge.

Finally, in scripture we are reminded…

“Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building up.” Ephesians 4:29

How to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

Believe it or not, maintaining a positive mental attitude in life really is about keeping your focus on what is useful for building up. And in a certain sense everything else is just evil.

In the end, when you can maintain a positive mental attitude towards life.

You will find yourself having the strength and determination that you need to reach any goal.

As you maintain an attitude of gratitude, you will realize that nothing can disturb your peace.

Because you can live with a grateful heart, nothing can weaken your faith.

Each day, you have the power to choose a positive attitude and trust in God. And when you choose to make that choice, the more empowered you become to rise above any worry or concern.

Your life is filled with joy and peace.