Partner with God – Experience More Peace and Happiness in Your Life

By | June 10, 2018

Importance of Being a Partner with God.

When most of us think about God we probably assign Him names like Father, creator, provider, shepherd, friend, judge, or a host of other descriptive names for Him.  What about partner?  Do you think God would ever want to partner with you?  Of course He would, that is a part of His plan and purpose for us.

God wants to involve you in a part of His overarching plan for humanity.  Think about it.  In scripture, we see that God constantly uses regular men and women like you and I to literally change the course of history and to fulfill His plans.

In the Old Testament, people like Abraham, Moses, Ruth, Elijah, and many others performed mighty works with God, simply because they were willing.  Some of them were quite hesitant, and not perfect, but nonetheless God’s plans were ultimately fulfilled by partnering with them.

A Partner With God is All About Relationships!

We know that in the New Testament Jesus does the same thing.  Calling men and women from every walk of life to perform duties and be a partner with Him.  We really should not be too surprised by this because we know that God is all about relationships.

A while back I heard a teacher speaking about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, but unlike times before, he focused more on what happened after Lazarus had been risen.  After Jesus cried with a loud voice “Lazarus, come forth,” He told the witnesses to “unbind him, and let him go.”  He is literally telling the people there to partner with Him and help in finishing the work.  I feel like Jesus is saying to all of us “come on, get in there and get your hands dirty.  This is great work that is being done.  It is Kingdom work, eternal work.”

What if you were one of the witnesses to this event.

Would you be in disbelief over this miracle?

Do you imagine you would be scared?

Would your first instinct be to say, “let others unbind him?”

This is natural in many ways.  Remember, as I stated earlier, many of the men and women from the Bible were hesitant and scared to “partner” with God.  Thoughts of failure, or thoughts and feelings of not being good enough are bound to creep in.  That is why it is so important to remember that God always honors our faith and our efforts.

Pray, Meditate and Never Forget…

Keep your eyes on God, with so many distractions in our life, it is so important for followers of Christ to remember what the Christian life is all about.  At the core, I believe it is all about loving people.  Is this easy?  No, in fact loving people is many times very difficult.  Sometimes it requires great sacrifice on our part, besides the fact that many people can be quite unlovable.  We can’t do it on our own, but with Christ dwelling inside of us we can.

Remember, to partner with God is a great honor.  And when you make a conscious choice to follow Him and make every effort to live in His will, you will experience more peace and happiness in your own life.