Hurt People Hurt People – Healing From Pain and Loss

By | March 3, 2018

It’s simple really. Hurt people hurt people.

Yet, when someone who is hurting decides to hurt you. Even knowing that they are hurting, doesn’t help the pain.

For instance, how many times do marriages end and rather than learning how to move on after divorce, both parties spend months maybe even years hurting each other.

Sometimes people hurt you so bad that it begins to cloud your thinking and affect the choices that you make.

But you weren’t created in God’s image to let your hurts and pains guide you. You came here to be led and follow the Spirit of God within you.

Of course, in time the hurt and the pain will heal.

But the bigger question is…

How do you avoid hurting people when you are hurting?

Hurt People Hurt People!

Let’s face it. There is only so much pain any of us can tolerate. Most of us never really learned how to deal with disappointment and frustration in our lives. And when we are hurt or wounded our capacity to be loving and kind can be limited.

What’s more, far too many of us have difficulty putting our trust in God because of past hurts. Yet, the fact of the matter is, God isn’t like the people who have hurt you. You can trust God!

Hurt People Hurt People But God Heals

God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. -Psalm 147:3

That’s why it’s important that we cultivate healthy spiritual practices like prayer and meditation. So, you can remember that the Kingdom of God is within you.

You’ll also be glad to know that one of the ways you can heal from the hurt is through your praise of God. You can let go of the pain and find something to be grateful for. More and more, you’ll find yourself able to break every chain of darkness that hurting people try to hurt you with.

Never forget that the power of God is within you. You don’t have to dwell on what’s wrong, instead you can thank God for what’s right.

In the end, when you stay strong in the Lord. When you spend time in prayer and meditation maintain a willingness to stay positive.

That’s when you will find the strength to let go of the pain that you experience when hurt people hurt people.

You might even begin to sing how you are free in the spirit because you are only here for God.