How Yoga Transformed Lisa McGregor’s Life From Black & White to Color

By | October 27, 2018

Here’s the thing. When it comes to the practice of yoga it will always meet you where you are at and then take you to places that you can’t even begin to imagine.

That’s why I am glad that Lisa McGregor was willing to share how the practice of yoga transformed her world from black and white to color.

Lisa McGregor started practicing yoga Xmas about 4 years ago during her Christmas break. The main reason was why was because she was bored and wanted to move her body.

She stumbled across Yoga with Adrienne online and after her first video she has been practicing yoga every day since.

At first she began exclusively with Yoga with Adrienne videos. Once she started to grow into her practice she began to love doing her own unique flow of yoga.

Lisa finds that nothing make her feel as good as her yoga practice does. You’ll also be glad to know that yoga helps you maintain your center in the middle of chaos.

What’s more, her yoga practice provides her with a sense of connection to something bigger. And she honors that connection and commitment by being very protective of her yoga time and prioritizing it above all else.

Benefits of Yoga in Lisa McGregor’s Life:

When Lisa was at wanderlust a couple of years ago in Brisbane Australia. When they did the closing OM she swear it felt like the whole world was vibrating. And that’s when she really started to realize just how powerful the practice was. That was the second she knew she wanted to be a teacher.

Yoga has changed the way she respond to stressful situations, it’s made her stronger physically and mentally.

What’s more yoga has changed her perspective on life. 
She has shifted from always feeling challenged and hard done by to one of curiosity and searching for the lesson in the challenge. 

The Importance of Yoga Teacher Training in Her Life:

When Lisa decided to take Yoga Teacher Training at Being Yoga in Brisbane Australia, it transformed her world from black and white to color.  
That’s when she really came alive.

Before her Yoga Teacher Training she was crazy shy, hated interacting with new people and, group work was her own personal hell. Yet as her training progressed she opened her heart and a brand-new world opened to her.

Now she gets excited about group work and loves meeting knew people!

She is more outgoing and doesn’t care what people ‘might’ be thinking if I sing into a sweet potato like a mic at the farmers markets.

Lisa has discovered that all we have is one life that we know of. So just live it.