How Yoga Helped Change Hannah Faulkner’s Life

By | October 21, 2018

To truly experience the power of yoga, you must be willing to practice yoga.

Of course, once you do decide to practice yoga and consistent basis, it will transform your life.

For instance, Hannah Faulkner at Half Moon Yoga and Art started practicing yoga over seven years ago.

What Made Hannah Faulkner start practicing yoga?

Her body was tight and achy after long hours on her feet as a flight attendant and then food server.

She started practicing yoga when she met a friend that offered yoga classes in the city park. Initially just wanting to stretch, she found that yoga is much more than stretching, strengthening, and balancing the body. And because of this it has sent her on a whirlwind of self-exploration!

How Yoga Has Benefited Hannah Faulkner!

Most importantly, yoga has introduced her to a spiritual lifestyle.

Hannah went from religious devotee to atheist and now Omnist.

In addition, yoga has taught her about the connection between her body, mind, and spirit.

You’ll also be glad to know, that yoga helps you keep your center in the middle of chaos.

Through meditation and many different breathing techniques (kundalini), she has learned how to warm or cool the body, control stress, stay calm, trust in a greater force, be brave, and take control of her life, living to her highest purpose.

What’s more, by tuning into stillness and silence, Hannah has learned about how the world is made up of subtle energies through sound healing, reiki, chakras, crystals, plants, and the animal kingdom.

This has directed her to shift her living and eating habits to a plant-based vegan diet and be conscious of the products that she uses in daily life.

As if that wasn’t enough, yoga has opened her heart to connect with her community even more.

In the end, once you decide to dive into the practice yoga, understand that even if you are just practicing yoga for a good stretch, you might end up transforming your life in a variety of different ways.