How To Get Over Being Cheated On – The Power of Forgiveness

By | February 28, 2018

How to Get Over Being Cheated On!

Let’s face it, when someone cheats on you in a relationship, it hurts.

What’s more, it can seem as if bitterness and anger are your new best friends because it feels so good to dwell on the disappointment.

Yet, sooner or later, you must move on and let go of the pains and disappointments of the past. Of course, the question is…

How do you let go and move on?

That’s why I appreciate that Chad Foreman founder of The Way of Meditation was willing to share his story of how to get over being cheating on through the power of forgiveness.

Chad Foreman’s Powerful Story of Forgiveness and How to Get Over Being Cheated On…

The first life situation that needed forgiveness on my part was being cheated on by an ex-partner.

I decided to forgive because I ascribe to the notion that he who holds onto anger and resentment is the one who gets burned. This is an idea commonly taught in Buddhist practices. I have been strongly influenced by and was a practicing Buddhist for over 10 years.

Basically, not forgiving didn’t help the situation or help bring me any peace. Whereas forgiving, most certainly brings a relief from anger and a feeling of peace.

So essentially it was a very rational and intentional decision for me to forgive the person for mostly my own benefit.

Are there any specific types of tools or practices that helped you forgive?

Practicing loving kindness meditation toward the person was the most helpful tool.

It wasn’t enough just to say the words ‘I forgive you’ to myself or the other person, I had to cultivate a feeling of warmth and love toward them.

This is a common Buddhist practice. It mainly revolves around reflecting and praying that the person may be happy and find fulfillment. Along with sending beams of light from my heart toward the person as I pray for their welfare.

You can do this without any need to tell the other person what you are doing.

How has your meditation practice helped you forgive?

The loving kindness meditation is the only thing that has ever helped me to forgive another person of anything. Interestingly this is an effective way to learn how to get over being cheated on as well.

What important advice or tips would you give to someone regarding the power of forgiveness?

*Forgive! for your own peace of mind and health. Anger and resentment destroy health and peace.

*Forgive the person but condemn the act. You don’t have to condone an unjust act. Instead, you can forgive the person and re-engage a loving kindness attitude toward them. For your own peace of mind.

*Also, being able to forgive others readily is necessary to be able to forgive ourselves for our own past misdeeds and mistakes.

In the end…

Here is How to Get Over Being Cheated On!

What I appreciated most about Chad Foreman’s story of forgiveness is when he shared that saying the words “I forgive you” wasn’t enough. Instead, he brings whatever situation that needs forgiveness in to the silent space of meditation. More and more, he allows himself to cultivate a feeling of warmth and love towards them while at the same time visualizing beams of light and love towards them.

And why does he do it?

Because the fact of the matter is to send and cultivate loving-kindness towards someone else you must create and experience it in yourself as well.

In other words, even though feeling bitter and angry might seem more natural and easier.

Truth be told, feeling bitter and angry towards someone leads to more feelings of bitterness and anger. However, cultivating a feeling of warmth and love towards them leads to more feelings of love and warmth.

Of course, you can always let go and let God handle it to experience more love in your life as well.

Isn’t more love and feelings of warmth what we all crave and want in life?

No doubt about it, that’s why I’m willing to forgive.