How Has Yoga Changed Your Life? Body Mind and Soul

By | October 13, 2018

When I look back and reflect on how yoga has changed my life I realize that words can’t express the transformation that has occurred.

But I am willing to give it a try.

How Has Yoga Changed Your Life?

First of all, the biggest change that yoga created in my life is it has given me a place to practice the spiritual principles that I believe in.

For instance, it’s easy to understand the power that comes from letting go of the past and expectations.

Yet, it’s quite another to be on your yoga mat and suddenly realize that when you let go of the poses that you were practicing yesterday it changes the experience of the same poses you are practicing now.

Another way the practice of yoga has changed my life is in the importance of remembering to breathe.

For example, on the yoga mat, it’s amazing how at ease and calm I feel when I maintain my focus on the breath rather than trying to maintain or hold the posture. It’s also amazing how when I forget to focus on my breath in a yoga class or in life, at times it can lead to an experience of negative emotions even simple ones such as boredom in the calm.

That’s why, I’m thankful for the practice of yoga showing me how much more easeful life can be when I remember to just breathe and let go.

It’s given me a way to remain centered in the middle of chaos.

What’s more, the practice of yoga has given me a physical way to process and let go of the challenges of the day. It truly is amazing how when I find myself dealing with a seemingly stressful situation how much better I feel when I am able to simply move my body and experience the power of yoga in movement. And the truly crazy thing about it is, very rarely does my yoga practice actually change the stressful situation instead it simply helps me be more at ease and okay with the challenge before me. Of course it’s that ease and realizing that everything is okay that helps me change my perspective and oftentimes that changes the situation as well.

In the end, I am grateful for all the ways that yoga has changed my life both known and unknown.

How about you?

How has yoga changed your life?