How Yoga Helped Change Hannah Faulkner’s Life

To truly experience the power of yoga, you must be willing to practice yoga. Of course, once you do decide to practice yoga and consistent basis, it will transform your life. For instance, Hannah Faulkner at Half Moon Yoga and Art started practicing yoga over seven years ago. What Made Hannah Faulkner start practicing yoga? Her body was… Read More »

How Has Yoga Changed Your Life? Body Mind and Soul

When I look back and reflect on how yoga has changed my life I realize that words can’t express the transformation that has occurred. But I am willing to give it a try. How Has Yoga Changed Your Life? First of all, the biggest change that yoga created in my life is it has given me a place… Read More »

How Do You Keep Your Center in the Middle of Chaos?

Let’s face it remaining calm and centered when life is steady seems easy. However, how you do you remain calm in the middle of chaos? In my own personal experience, I’ve found that spending time on a daily basis meditating and moving my body in the practice of yoga has helped tremendously. I also know that when I… Read More »

Restorative Yoga – Helps Slow Down the Pace of Life

What is Restorative Yoga? In a typical 60 to 90-minute restorative yoga class, you will find yourself in about five to six poses. In each pose you will be supported by props and they are usually held for 5 minutes or longer. The primary intention of any restorative class is to help you relax and let go so… Read More »

Gentle Yoga – Calm Your Mind and Transform Your Life

Gentle yoga is a practice that primarily focuses on stretching and breathing rather than strength or extreme flexibility. It includes a variety of different postures such as forward bends, low-impact backbends, standing postures and seated stretches. Depending on the yoga teacher, a gentle yoga class can incorporate a vinyasa flow style to the sequence. However, the point of… Read More »

NYC Yoga Studios – Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of amazing New York City- NYC yoga studios for you to practice at. Let’s face it. When you practice yoga on a consistent basis some of the benefits you will notice will include… Sleeping a whole lot better. Developing a healthier immune system. Feeling more relaxed and at ease. And… Read More »