Inside the Bungalow Yoga Studio

Inside the Bungalow
48 N Robson
Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 844-2353

Inside the Bungalow is more than just a Yoga Studio it is a destination point.

What people really enjoy about Inside the Bungalow is how you can relax and enjoy the presence and stillness that you created in the here and now right at Inside the Bungalow.

And with a variety of different yoga classes to choose from you can make Inside the Bungalow your home away from home as often as you like.

Inside the Bungalow Yoga Class Types

All Levels – If you are ready to experience the mind/body connection through postures, breathing, and alignment then while at the same time honoring your inner teacher then this is the class for you.

Astanga – Begin to learn how to link the postures with breathing techniques, in a continuous sequence that will detoxify the body, calm the mind, and create balance from the inside out with the first two of six series of Ashtanga.

Flow Yoga – A dynamic fluid class that links the postures with proper breathing techniques.

FUNdamentals –In this fundamental yoga class the basic breathing techniques, yoga postures and proper alignment in a more relaxed and non-competitive environment are covered.

Power Yoga – Allow yourself to journey inwards as you begin to create a moving meditation through creative sequencing, breathing and intention.

Inside the Bungalow Yoga Class Fees

Drop In Yoga Class - $12.00


Inside the Bungalow Yoga Studio Reviews

This is what people are saying about Inside the Bungalow Yoga in Mesa, AZ

In terms of their coffee and yoga, fantastic! Since I moved to the downtown Mesa area it's become my regular place to stop in, have a drink, and take a yoga class.
Julie W (via Yelp)

I absolutely love this yoga studio. There isn’t a teacher there I don’t like. The ambiance is fantastic and the price is just right. If you don’t live in the area it is still worth the drive.
Kelly R (via Yelp)

Great yoga. Tasty coffee. Beautiful patio. Cozy indoor seating. And (I hear) awesome soups. Sounds to me like a perfect combination!
The wife and I liked the yoga so much we bought a package and plan to attend every Saturday. It's a great workout and a perfect start to the weekend.
Brant A (via Yelp)