Gentle/Restorative Yoga Classes

Simply stated restorative yoga puts you in a state of deep and total relaxation in yoga postures that are extremely supportive and usualy involve the use of a variety of different yoga props.

Gentle yoga is similar in that it easily accesiable to all and is a great class to choose if you are suffering from or recovering from illness or injury.

Below you will find a variety of different Yoga Studios in the Greater Phoenix Area that offer Gentle and/or Restorative yoga classes. 

Gentle/Restorative Yoga Classes of Phoenix

Blissful Yoga Studios - Both the Arrowhead and North Phoenix location offer deeply restorative and gentle yoga classes.

Cresecent Moon Yoga - Located in Scottsdale, AZ

Desert Song - Located in Phoenix, AZ

Floating Lotus Yoga - Located in Mesa, AZ

Gilbert Yoga - Located in Gilbert, AZ

Hegel Yoga - Located in Tempe, AZ

Humble Monkey Yoga - Located in North Phoenix, AZ

Inner Vision Yoga Tempe - Located in Tempe, AZ

Joyful Yoga - Located in Chandler, AZ

Metta Yoga - Located in Phoenix, AZ

Second Heart Yoga - Located in Central Phoenix

Simplicity Yoga - Located in Mesa, AZ

Spirit of Yoga - Located in Tempe, AZ

Yoga Breeze - Located in Cave Creek, AZ

Yoga Kamala - Located in Scottsdale, AZ

Yoga Pura - Located in Phoenix, AZ

Yoga Village Scottsdale - Locates in Scottsdale, AZ