Being Love - Embarking Upon a Journey to Pathways to Love

Once you have decided to embark upon a journey into the state of BEING LOVE one of the first things you might begin to notice is that LOVE isn’t just a thought, feeling, or action instead it is a powerful combination of all three that leads you directly into the state of BEING LOVE.

And while we all can recall an overwhelming experience of LOVE, the State of BEING LOVE is all about recognizing and becoming aware of that experience of LOVE in more and more things, not just the BIG LOVE of life.

That’s why to help you along in your journey into the state of BEING LOVE below you will find a list of articles that will help lead and guide you along all of the Pathways to LOVE

  Keep God in Front of You

Keep God in front of you and let your fears dissolve behind you.

  Pray and Believe with God Nothing Will Be Impossible

Pray and believe with God nothing will be impossible. 

  God is Working On Your Behalf Today

God is working on your behalf today. Just breathe and be at peace. 

  True Transformation Happens From Within

True transformation happens from within. Prayer and meditation transform your life when you spend time in prayer and meditation.

  If Your Life Seems Too Busy and Hectic

If your life seems too busy and hectic, spend more time with God and less time with people and things that aren't serving your highest good. 

  When God Laid Out The Plan For Your Life

When God laid out the plan for your life, He didn’t plan to just give you what you needed to get by, to survive, to barely make it. You are a child of God – He wants to give you more than enough! He wants to bless you exceedingly, abundantly more than you could even ask or think. -Joel Osteen

  Nothing is More Powerful Than a Surrendered Life in The Hands of God

Nothing is more powerful than a surrendered life in the hands of God. -Rick Warren 

  Keep Your Heart and Mind Focused on God

Keep your heart and mind focused on God. Learn to look for God in the ordinary, everyday. Pray. Meditate. Spend time in the silence listening to God.

  Put God First

If you want to have a better life, then put God first and allow everything else to come to you in due time. 

  What Caroline Myss Taught Me About Forgiveness

Sometimes we need reminders. For instance, it's no secret that there is an extraordinary amount of power to be had when we learn how and actually allow ourselves to forgive both ourselves and others.

Of course, if you're anything like me, how many times have you found yourself in a state of unforgiveness simply because you couldn't find a good reason to forgive.

Maybe whatever happened seems unforgivable. Then again, maybe whoever you are blaming for your unhappiness is refusing to say they are sorry.

  What Dr Wayne Dyer Taught Me About Forgiveness

As the author of over 40 books, including 20 New York Times bestsellers. It's not secret that Dr. Wayne Dyer is a world renowned author in the field of spiritual growth.

Yet, it was his simple blog post "My Greatest Teacher" that provided me with a profound moment of insight regarding forgiveness.

In this particular blog post he shares the moment of forgiveness that turned his whole life around and changed everything.

  Do You Choose To Accept LOVE in This Moment Now

Whether you realize it or not, in each and every moment now you only have one of two choices in regards to LOVE you can either choose to accept it in this moment now or not! And, what’s more if you take the time to breathe in and out before you close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position you might begin to realize that the majority of the time you are allowing the choice to LOVE to be made at an unconscious level.

  Pathways to BEING LOVE - Interest

It is rather interesting to notice when you continue to dive into learning and creating the variety of different Pathways to BEING LOVE how many of them are a combination of one or several different other Pathways. And that’s okay because as you hopefully have already begun to realize the more Pathways to BEING LOVE that are open for you the easier and easier it will become for you to access the state of BEING LOVE whenever you want and believe it or not that’s what this life is truly all about.

  How to LOVE Someone That You Have LOST and LOVE

In a moment, I am going to challenge you to do something that you may have never considered before but before I do I want you to do the following…
I want you to remove any distractions from your mind and presence that you can and then close your eyes for a few minutes as you focus on your natural breathing rhythm. And then once you have allowed yourself to relax deeply and fully in this moment I want you to recall someone that you LOVE and have lost. Whether that be a friend, family member, or romantic partner doesn’t matter simply recall this person and notice what you feel.

  Pathway to BEING LOVE - Concern

Have you ever related with someone or something in such a way that their concern was your concern? 
Perhaps, you took an extreme interest in them or viewed them with the utmost importance. Whatever the case may be, when it comes to the Pathways to BEING LOVE you will be glad to know that concern is indeed one of the Pathways that you can take to reach that state of BEING LOVE that has so much to offer you in a variety of different ways.

  Unconditional LOVE and the State of BEING LOVE

As you begin to embark upon your journey into the State of BEING LOVE if you are like most people you might find yourself wondering what exactly is the difference between the State of BEING LOVE and unconditional LOVE. And if you find yourself wondering this, know that you are indeed seriously interested in BEING LOVE rather than simply having a passing interest in the subject. However, the biggest difference between unconditional LOVE and the state of BEING LOVE is that unconditional LOVE is ultimately the final destination and the State of BEING LOVE is simply a means of getting there.

  Pathways to BEING LOVE - Appreciation

Sometimes a Pathway to BEING LOVE can be so obvious and be in such abundance that we disregard it as a path. Appreciation is one of those pathways. Right now, if you have the capacity to read this then there is something in this moment that you can appreciate even if it really is just reading this. However, if you are reading this, then odds are you have access to something to eat, and something to drink even if it isn’t necessarily what you want to eat or drink at the end of the day your body can receive nourishment from the food that you have available to eat. Appreciation is indeed one of Pathways that has the most to offer yet oftentimes the only way we can learn to appreciate something is by having it taken away from us and even then we oftentimes don’t come to appreciate what we have or what was taken away rather we become angry at the injustice or unfairness of it all.

  When Clinging to the LOVE of the Past Blocks You From Entering a State of BEING LOVE Now in This Moment!

Let’s face it, the more and more time you spend on this planet earth the more likely it is that at some point you will discover one of the greatest LOVEs in your life and then in what may be an instant or gradually overtime lose that LOVE (at least in your mind). And all you will have left is the memory. Believe it or not that memory can either be a blessing or a curse as past Loves have both the power to help you enter into a state of BEING LOVE as well as prevent you from entering a state of LOVE. If you are anything like me the past LOVEs that affect you the most are usually the ones that you didn’t really consciously choose and never really had any control over in the first place. Perhaps you happened to be at the right place, at the right time, or were simply born into it.

  How Often Do You Love From the Heart?

How often can you honestly say that the LOVE you give is from the Heart?

When you give your LOVE, are you even aware of where that LOVE is coming from and if any conditions are surrounding that LOVE? No matter how you may have answered the above questions you will be glad to know that a quote from Oscar Wilde gets directly to the point about where true LOVE comes from and how to give from that place.

"To give and not expect return, that is what lies at the heart of love." Oscar Wilde 

  Do You LOVE Without Asking or Demanding Anything in Return?

Do You LOVE Without Asking or Demanding Anything in Return? In a moment, find yourself allowing the following words to sink in for a moment…
"Love, true love, is that which can give the most without asking or demanding anything in return." Mazie Hammond
And as you allow these words to sink into your deepest states of your BEING see if you can begin to notice times in your past when you gave out of LOVE without asking or demanding anything in return.

  Do You Truly Know What Love Means?

When it comes to the state of BEING LOVE and knowing what LOVE means, you can find many words written on the subject of how to get there. Yet, for the most part, most of the words written are written in this same short way, telling you how yet not telling you enough. In regards to the words above the simplest way to give joyfully and without hesitation or thought of gain is by learning how to give from the HEART and more importantly learning how to listen from the HEART.

  What is True LOVE Like in the State of BEING LOVE

When it comes to the State of BEING LOVE what a lot of people want to know is what is it like to be in a state of BEING LOVE?And yet one of the challenges of attempting to explain what it is like in a state of BEING LOVE is that the experience goes far beyond anything that words or even pictures could begin to describe. It would almost be like attempting to explain what chocolate taste like to someone who doesn’t even remember what anything taste like. In fact, the state of BEING LOVE has so many different flavors to it that attempting to describe it in words would take a lifetime and I have surrendered to the fact that attempting to describe it in words is part of the reason why I am here.

  Pathway to BEING LOVE – Surrender

If you are anything like me, then the Pathway to BEING LOVE that is called Surrender is an especially challenging one as the Universe has to put you through a lot before you are willing to "surrender" to what is. Yet, as you will discover when we dive even deeper into this pathway even more in a moment, when it comes to the act of surrendering there have been plenty of times that you have done so both in the name of LOVE and for other reasons. In fact, if you pay particularly close attention to this moment now, you are indeed surrendering to the reality of reading and experiencing this since truth be told no one is actually forcing you to read this (and if someone is forcing you, well then you have surrender to their will in this moment!)

  Pathways to BEING LOVE - Regard

When it comes to the variety of different Pathways to BEING LOVE, as you can imagine regard is one of those Pathways that has a tendency to show up with more than just one Pathway and that is more than okay. In fact, the more you practice with developing the different Pathways the more you might begin to notice how oftentimes several different Pathways are present in the moment, some might even argue all of them are present in each and every moment.

  How Much Love is TOO Much LOVE in A State of BEING LOVE

As you can begin to imagine the amount of LOVE that is available to you in a state of BEING LOVE goes far beyond what most of us have been conditioned to believe is available. Because of this, what you might begin to notice as you journey deeper and deeper into your very own state of BEING LOVE is that the LOVE you have to give simply must be expressed because it is the only way you can find yourself in that state even more.

  How Much Faith Do You Have In LOVE

It should go without saying that the more faith in Love that you have the more you will find yourself experiencing the state of BEING LOVE in more and more aspects of your life. Yet, while for many of us it is rather easy to get behind the words and thoughts of having Faith in LOVE when it comes to our actions and when our Faith is put to the test we let go of our Faith in LOVE and begin a frantic search to find comfort and safety in our old habits and ways of living.

  Pathways to BEING LOVE - Alertness

If you have ever looked at two Lovers walking together in the mall or down the street you might have noticed something rather interesting; first off they are probably extremely alert and aware of whoever they happen to be in LOVE with in the moment and secondly the rest of the world doesn’t even exists in that moment for them. And as you can imagine that is why one of the Pathways to BEING LOVE is Alertness, as when you are able to live in a moment fully aware and attentive of everything or simply one thing whether you realize it or not you are actually fully present in the moment, and being fully present in the moment is where the state of BEING LOVE happens to reside.

  How Important Is It to Develop a Variety of Pathways to BEING LOVE

Perhaps you have found yourself diving into a variety of different Pathways to BEING LOVE and have already begun to notice that some pathways you really like and resonate with more than others. And in this awareness you might find that you simply want to continue creating the Pathways that you like and resonate with rather than the ones you find you have a bit of trouble accessing as easily. If this happens to be the case for you know that it is indeed okay to choose this course however it is also important that you at least become familiar with the Law of Requisite Variety.

  Pathway to BEING LOVE - Enthusiasm

Depending on how many different Pathways to BEING LOVE you have already begun to explore you might have begun to notice that for the most part when you dive into each and every Pathway they become positive and empowering Pathways to be in all by themselves. Of course, that is what the state of BEING LOVE really is all about is living life in the Positive as that is what LOVE is all about and that’s part of the reason why we are here, or at least that is why I am here to Be LOVE and express LOVE more and more. In any case, it is relatively easy (hopefully) to see and recognize how enthusiasm for something could lead to the state of BEING LOVE and as always when it comes to the Pathways to BEING LOVE having a general definition of the word really does help.

  Pathways to BEING LOVE - Cherishing

What I’ve found to be really interesting especially since I’ve begun to practice and work with the Pathways to BEING LOVE more and more is how there are so many moments that I cherish even though when they were happening I didn’t necessarily cherish or appreciate them.

  Pathways to BEING LOVE – Sensitivity

Is it really possible to enter into a state of BEING LOVE simply by becoming more sensitive to the environment around you?
If you are anything like me then you may find yourself having the thought that being more sensitive is equal to being more fragile or emotionally unstable in some shape or form. Let’s face it, we all have been around someone where we had to be a little more sensitive with our words or actions because they happened to be a little more "sensitive" than others.

  How a Narrow Definition of LOVE Will Lead To An Experience of Less LOVE

Believe it or not the more narrow your definition of LOVE is the less often you will experience LOVE in your life. Far too often, for far too many people, LOVE has fallen into a state of desire of wanting more and more, and bigger and better experiences of LOVE.

  How Expanding Your Definition of LOVE Will Lead to More LOVE

If you’ve ever taken the time to think about it how to get and experience more LOVE in your life it would seem rather obvious that simply expanding your definition of what LOVE is would lead to more love in your life. Indeed truth be told, expanding your definition of LOVE will lead to more love.

  An Absolutely Brilliant Way to Enter Into a State of BEING LOVE!

Once upon a time we all basked in the empowering State of BEING LOVE and eventually a well-meaning parent or caregiver grasped your attention and led you on your path to whatever state you currently reside in. No doubt about it, society as a whole has contributed to whatever state you currently reside in and whether you realize it or not this world this society can help lead you back into a State of BEING LOVE.

  Do You LOVE Only When It Is An Automatic Reaction To Someone or Something

Let’s face it for the most part we all have experienced Love at some point in our lives even if you don’t feel Love now. However, for many of us the only kind of Love that you are able to experience is when it is automatic reaction someone or something. In other words, the only time you LOVE is when you find yourself automatically in a state of LOVE without you having to have to actually do anything about it.

  Discover a Great Way to Experience the State of BEING LOVE Now And In The Future

As you have made the decision now or at some point in your past to move towards the more empowering state of BEING LOVE, you probably already have experienced especially powerful moments of intense LOVE. No doubt about it, all it takes is a glimpse at the state of BEING LOVE for you to realize that this may indeed be a state that you want to get into more and more often.

  Are Your Beliefs About LOVE Preventing You From BEING LOVE Now

What Beliefs Do You Have About Love?
Are They Preventing You From Living in a State of Being Love?

  What it Really Takes to Live in a State of Being Love

Discover what it takes to live in a state of Being Love. And more importantly find out why love is much more than just a habit.

  In the State of BEING LOVE There Isn’t a Right or Wrong Way To Get There - Just Get There As Soon As You Can!

One of the challenges of communicating with words the State of BEING LOVE is that words are never enough. And part of the reason for this is that two people can be equally as interested in living in a state of BEING LOVE and require two different paths to get there. So how do you express that which can’t be express?