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Whether you realize it or not, in each and every moment now you only have one of two choices in regards to LOVE you can either choose to accept it in this moment now or not!

And, what’s more if you take the time to breathe in and out before you close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position you might begin to realize that the majority of the time you are allowing the choice to LOVE to be made at an unconscious level.

For the most part, if you choose not to LOVE on a conscious level, your preferences, your friends, your family, the media, and whoever else has influence over you will make the decision for you only most of the time not only do they not know they are making the decision for you, you don’t know it either.

And what happens, is you end up with a society full of people looking for LOVE simply because they are all allowing each other to make the unconscious choice of refusing LOVE.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in many ways we already recognize that the Universe sends us helpers to lead us back into a state of BEING LOVE, yet when was the last time you looked for guidance from a newborn baby or infant in regards to how to arrive once again into a state of BEING LOVE and to choose to accept LOVE in this moment now.


In any case, since you are still reading this it means that you are indeed seriously interested in learning how to once again choose to accept LOVE in this moment now and you will be glad to know that you can get started in that process by diving into the variety of different Pathways to BEING LOVE so that you can empower yourself with much more to say YES to when it comes to LOVE than your default programing.

Speaking of default programing, you will also be interested in the practice of Yoga Nidra which is a guided meditation technique that believe it or not drops you into the deepest states of your BEING so that you can reset and reprogram your default settings of your BEING in addition to exploring the state of BEING LOVE each and every time you practice.

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