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In a moment, I am going to challenge you to do something that you may have never considered before but before I do I want you to do the following…

I want you to remove any distractions from your mind and presence that you can and then close your eyes for a few minutes as you focus on your natural breathing rhythm.

And then once you have allowed yourself to relax deeply and fully in this moment I want you to recall someone that you LOVE and have lost.

Whether that be a friend, family member, or romantic partner doesn’t matter simply recall this person and notice what you feel.

If you feel sadness or pain at this time simply focus your attention on the sensations surrounding your heart as you return back to your natural breathing rhythm and see if you can notice if the sadness or pain you feel is related to any of the following.

  • Do you want to express your LOVE to this person once again by telling them that you LOVE them?
  • Do you want to express your LOVE to this person once again by spending more quality time with them?
  • Do you want to express your LOVE to this person by giving them a gift of some sort once again?
  • Do you want to express your LOVE to this person by once again being able to serve them in the ways you showed them your LOVE before?
  • Or maybe you simply want to be able to hug and touch them once again to show them your LOVE?

No matter which one of these ways you want to LOVE them once again I am going to again invite you to refocus on your natural breathing rhythm once again and let go of all the ways that you want to LOVE them.

And as you let go of wanting to LOVE them in the ways that you want, simply allow yourself to BE LOVE with them in this moment, experience all of the moments that you and your LOVE were one and allow it to fill you up with LOVE. If thoughts of loss, pain, or sadness should arise into your awareness once again let go and allow your LOVE to BE LOVE with them once again in this moment.

Believe it or not, the more you allow yourself to BE LOVE in each and every moment the more LOVE you will have to receive, give, and experience. Recognize at this time that your LOVE is always present and that you can access it at any time. Whenever a thought of someone that you LOVE and have lost arises allow yourself to feel and experience that LOVE and know that you have it with you in all ways, always.

If you are seriously interested in entering into a state of BEING LOVE more and more, you will be glad to know that practice of Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique that will allow you to enter into the deepest state of your BEING which is where the State of BEING LOVE happens to reside within.

Yogi Big Love