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Have you ever related with someone or something in such a way that their concern was your concern?

Perhaps, you took an extreme interest in them or viewed them with the utmost importance.

Whatever the case may be, when it comes to the Pathways to BEING LOVE you will be glad to know that concern is indeed one of the Pathways that you can take to reach that state of BEING LOVE that has so much to offer you in a variety of different ways.

And as is always the case, when it comes to creating and maintaining a Pathway to BEING LOVE it is always good to have a general definition of that pathway; which is why below you will discover the general definition for concern.

Concern – To relate to, be connected with; be of interest or importance to.

Since you have obviously connected to the meaning or general definition of concern, you might as well continue to show an interest for this Pathway to BEING LOVE by writing down the following on a blank page in your BEING LOVE notebook.

"Times When I Have Experienced Concern"

As you can imagine concern is an interesting Pathway to the state of BEING LOVE in the sense that oftentimes we show the greatest amount of concern when something that we LOVE has suddenly become threatened or in danger in the moment.

For instance, as a teenager on those nights were making curfew simply wasn’t an option for you for a variety of different reasons, odds are your parents suddenly found themselves having a great deal of interest and concern in your whereabouts.

The same could be said when someone you LOVE is feeling sick or isn’t there normal bright and shiny self, as you suddenly find yourself taking an interest and concern in their state of BEING.

And whether you realize it or not, whenever you show concern for someone or something that concern is springing forth as a Pathway to a State of BEING LOVE.

What I want you to do now in just a moment is close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out for a minute or so. And then recall and relive those moments in your life where you experienced concern in the moment.

As you do so, live those experiences fully in the moment as you allow yourself to notice the LOVE behind and in front of that concern.

Then write it down in your BEING LOVE notebook so that you can recall those moments anytime that you want to enter into a state of BEING LOVE from the Pathway of concern.

In addition to creating the Pathway to BEING LOVE via concern, you will also be glad to know that you can enter into the deepest states of your BEING with the practice of Yoga Nidra which will have you entering into the deepest States of BEING LOVE more and more each and every time you practice.

Yogi Big Love