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As you begin to embark upon your journey into the State of BEING LOVE if you are like most people you might find yourself wondering what exactly is the difference between the State of BEING LOVE and unconditional LOVE.

And if you find yourself wondering this, know that you are indeed seriously interested in BEING LOVE rather than simply having a passing interest in the subject.

However, the biggest difference between unconditional LOVE and the state of BEING LOVE is that unconditional LOVE is ultimately the final destination and the State of BEING LOVE is simply a means of getting there.

In other words, once you reach a state of recognizing and realizing that you are Unconditional LOVE there is nothing to go back to and nowhere to go because as the name states there are no conditions.

Yet, thankfully when it comes to the State of BEING LOVE you can come and go as you please and as Yogi BIG LOVE I’m just here to show you a variety of different ways to get there more and more in each and every moment.

Besides if you really take the time to think about how to achieve unconditional LOVE you have already moved very far away from it as looking to achieve unconditional LOVE is already setting up a condition for something that has no condition.

If you are confused in this moment that’s okay just know that the State of BEING LOVE is something that every human being on the planet can move towards and live in at this very moment if they so choose.

In fact, if you are ready to move towards a state of BEING LOVE in this moment now, you will be glad to know that the practice of Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique that will allow you to enter the deepest States of your BEING which is exactly where the state of BEING LOVE happens to reside within.

Yogi Big Love