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Sometimes a Pathway to BEING LOVE can be so obvious and be in such abundance that we disregard it as a path. Appreciation is one of those pathways. Right now, if you have the capacity to read this then there is something in this moment that you can appreciate even if it really is just reading this.

However, if you are reading this, then odds are you have access to something to eat, and something to drink even if it isn’t necessarily what you want to eat or drink at the end of the day your body can receive nourishment from the food that you have available to eat.

Appreciation is indeed one of Pathways that has the most to offer yet oftentimes the only way we can learn to appreciate something is by having it taken away from us and even then we oftentimes don’t come to appreciate what we have or what was taken away rather we become angry at the injustice or unfairness of it all.

In any case, when it comes to diving into a Pathway the first thing you can do is get a general definition of the Pathway in order to get a clearer perception of what it is you are looking for and below is the definition for Appreciation…

Appreciation – Gratitude; thankful recognition. Clear perception or recognition.

Now with a general definition in mind, get your BEING LOVE notebook and write down the following on the top of a blank piece of paper…

"Times I’ve Experienced Appreciation"

Unlike many of the other Pathways that require you to close your eyes and recall moments and times you experienced that Pathway, this is one of those pathways that you can use right now in this moment to recall what you can appreciate right now.

However, you will also want to close your eyes and recall any and all of the moments that the experience of appreciation arises and let yourself sit with those moments so that you can fully appreciate the appreciation and experience it within your entire state of BEING and mind.

Once you have finished writing down all that you have and can appreciate, I imagine you will find yourself appreciating this moment now when you explored your appreciation to its depths and now have a Pathway to BEING LOVE that you can appreciate now and again whenever you want.

And while you find yourself on an "appreciation high" you will also be glad to know that the practice of Yoga Nidra is another effective way that you can use as Pathway to the state of BEING LOVE as it is actually a guided meditation technique that drops you into the deepest states of your BEING which is where the State of BEING LOVE happens to reside. And I don’t know if you will come to appreciate the power of Yoga Nidra now as you read this or after you have gotten your Yoga Nidra CD yet I do know that this Ancient Yoga Practice is something worth appreciating.

Yogi Big Love