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When Clinging to the LOVE of the Past Blocks You From Entering a State of BEING LOVE now in This Moment!

Let’s face it, the more and more time you spend on this planet earth the more likely it is that at some point you will discover one of the greatest LOVEs in your life and then in what may be an instant or gradually overtime lose that LOVE (at least in your mind).

And all you will have left is the memory. Believe it or not that memory can either be a blessing or a curse as past Loves have both the power to help you enter into a state of BEING LOVE as well as prevent you from entering a state of LOVE.

If you are anything like me the past LOVEs that affect you the most are usually the ones that you didn’t really consciously choose and never really had any control over in the first place. Perhaps you happened to be at the right place, at the right time, or were simply born into it.

Whatever the LOVE and whatever the reason it came into your life ultimately don’t matter as in the present it isn’t in your reality at least not physically.

Yet, in regards to your mind, it is still ever present and a part of your reality and if you find yourself clinging to this moment, this past experience of LOVE and comparing it to what is present now no matter how hard you try it has already risen and fallen back into the recesses of your mind.

And as long as you hold on to this moment of LOVE in the hopes that it will come back you can never experience the LOVE that is waiting for you and is always within and around you in this moment now.

Of course, once you let go of the clinging you can actually use that experience as a Pathway to the state of BEING LOVE, especially when you use it as a means of arriving at one of the Pathways to BEING LOVE without trying to do anything about it.

Simply allowing the experience of that past LOVE, to rise into your awareness, (enjoying it, appreciating it, and respecting it) just as it is without worry or concern about bringing it up in the future and then writing it down if you wish in your BEING LOVE notebook.

Now you will also be glad to know that the practice of Yoga Nidra can help release many of the blocks that you may be unconsciously holding that are preventing you from experiencing a state of BEING LOVE now and in more and more moments. In fact the practice of Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique that will guide you to the deepest states of your BEING so that you have an empowering Pathway to the state of BEING LOVE that you can access more and more each time you practice.

Yogi Big Love