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When it comes to the State of BEING LOVE what a lot of people want to know is what is it like to be in a state of BEING LOVE?

And yet one of the challenges of attempting to explain what it is like in a state of BEING LOVE is that the experience goes far beyond anything that words or even pictures could begin to describe.

It would almost be like attempting to explain what chocolate taste like to someone who doesn’t even remember what anything taste like.

In fact, the state of BEING LOVE has so many different flavors to it that attempting to describe it in words would take a lifetime and I have surrendered to the fact that attempting to describe it in words is part of the reason why I am here.

In any case, sometimes the words of another, do an extremely good job of describing what it is like in a state of BEING LOVE; words such as these…

"True love begins when nothing is looked for in return." Antoine de Saint

When you find yourself in a state of BEING LOVE indeed there is nothing to look for because everything is LOVE and when everything is LOVE there is nothing and no one to return that LOVE to you.

In a state of BEING LOVE you suddenly become aware that your purpose, your life, is all an expression of LOVE and there is nothing for you to do or achieve except express that LOVE in the ways you find yourself compelled to express it in each and every moment.

And by now you may be finding yourself wondering exactly how do you arrive at a state of BEING LOVE?

Let’s face it, the path to BEING LOVE is simple and in time it may become easy, however in the beginning it is going to take some conscious awareness on your part in order to arrive.

One of the first things you can do is begin exploring the variety of different Pathways to a state of BEING LOVE and notice which Pathways are already available to you in abundance and which Pathways you might find yourself resisting for a variety of different reasons and then go there again and again with each one.

In addition, experiencing the practice of Yoga Nidra is another effective way to enter into a state of BEING LOVE as it is a guided meditation technique that actually drops you into the deepest states of your BEING and creates a Pathway to that state that you can access again and again each time you practice.

Yogi Big Love