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If you are anything like me, then the Pathway to BEING LOVE that is called Surrender is an especially challenging one as the Universe has to put you through a lot before you are willing to "surrender" to what is.

Yet, as you will discover when we dive even deeper into this pathway even more in a moment, when it comes to the act of surrendering there have been plenty of times that you have done so both in the name of LOVE and for other reasons.

In fact, if you pay particularly close attention to this moment now, you are indeed surrendering to the reality of reading and experiencing this since truth be told no one is actually forcing you to read this (and if someone is forcing you, well then you have surrender to their will in this moment!)

Nevertheless, when it comes to diving into a Pathway to BEING LOVE I find it much more effective when I already have a general definition of what that Pathway means; which is why below you will discover the general definition for surrender…

Surrender – To yield to the possession or power of another. To give up to some influence, course, emotion, etc..

After you have allowed the general definition of surrender to drop into your mind, you will pull out your BEING LOVE notebook and write down the following on the top of a blank page…

"Times that I experienced the act of surrender"

Remember the times of surrender you want to experience and relive are the ones in which you had a positive experience of surrender.

Perhaps it is when you surrender to the will of a coach or teacher in order to learn something new or for the betterment of the team.

As always when it comes to the different Pathways you aren’t necessarily looking for the "huge" or "overwhelming" acts of surrender, rather the little acts of surrenders that occur on a daily basis as well.

For many of us the Holidays are an act of surrender in LOVE as we let go of a day in which we could be doing something else with someone else in order to spend time with our family, friends, and loved ones.

Again, the intention of this exercise is to create a Pathway to the State of BEING LOVE that you can use again and again to experience what LOVE is all about in so many different ways and more.

Since we are already on the act of surrender, you will be glad to know that the Practice of Yoga Nidra is a form of surrender that takes you into the deepest states of your BEING and creates a Pathway to that state that you can access again and again each and every time you practice. And in my experience the more often I connect with that State of BEING LOVE the more often I am able to access it in a variety of different ways.

Yogi Big Love