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When it comes to the variety of different Pathways to BEING LOVE, as you can imagine regard is one of those Pathways that has a tendency to show up with more than just one Pathway and that is more than okay.

In fact, the more you practice with developing the different Pathways the more you might begin to notice how oftentimes several different Pathways are present in the moment, some might even argue all of them are present in each and every moment.

In any case, when it comes to the different Pathways to BEING LOVE the first thing I like to do is get a general definition for it so that you can get a sense for what it is you are really looking for.

With that in mind, here is the general definition for Regard…

Regard – To look upon or think of with a particular feeling. To have or show respect or concern for. To think highly of; esteem. To relate to; concern. To see, look at, or conceive of in a particular way. To pay attention. To look or gaze

Once you have a general definition for regard in mind, you will want to open your BEING LOVE notebook to a blank page and write down the following on the top of that particular page…

"Times I have experienced regard"

Then you will want to close your eyes, take a few deep inhalations and exhalations and allow whatever experiences of Regard to rise into your awareness and let them linger there fully before writing them down on your piece of paper.

Hopefully, you have already noticed the feeling of regard that you have for this entire process that you are going through in order to enter into a state of BEING LOVE more and more.

Whether you realize it now or later, since you have made this decision to transform your life into a State of BEING LOVE the whole word is experiencing a transformation into a State of BEING LOVE as we are all connected. And the more you can feel yourself in that experience of regard even now simply by going through this process the more your reality will go there now as well.

And as if that wasn’t enough you will also be glad to know that the practice of Yoga Nidra is one of the most effective ways that you can enter and create a Pathway to the State of BEING LOVE as it is actually a guided meditation technique that will take you into the deepest states of your BEING which is where the state of BEING LOVE happens to be.

Yogi Big Love