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It should go without saying that the more faith in Love that you have the more you will find yourself experiencing the state of BEING LOVE in more and more aspects of your life.

Yet, while for many of us it is rather easy to get behind the words and thoughts of having Faith in LOVE when it comes to our actions and when our Faith is put to the test we let go of our Faith in LOVE and begin a frantic search to find comfort and safety in our old habits and ways of living.

However, what you may not realize is that part of the reason many of us let go of our faith in LOVE at the very moments we are tested is because while we may indeed have Faith in LOVE our faith and our LOVE isn’t connected to too many Pathways to BEING LOVE.

Sometimes, we attach our faith in LOVE to the "romantic" aspects of BEING LOVE and then search for "The One" that one romantic partner who is going to LOVE us or allow us to LOVE them in the ways that we want in order to experience all that LOVE has to offer.

And while "Romantic LOVE" may indeed provide us with the kinds of experiences that are easier to LOVE than others, when you put your Faith in romantic love you have unwittingly let go of your faith in LOVE and overtime that leads to you distorting both the LOVE that is available to you always in addition to distorting the power that "Romantic LOVE" could offer you as well.

Simply stated, when you put your faith in a specific kind of love you are placing expectations on LOVE even though LOVE can and always will show up in the ways that it must as LOVE doesn’t know how to do anything except LOVE.

What’s more when you put your faith in a specific kind of LOVE you ultimately end up doing to get LOVE rather than out of LOVE which is a very draining and disempowering kind of LOVE.

Of course, the good news is when you begin to dive into all of the different Pathways to BEING LOVE you will actually be strengthening both your Fatih and resolve in LOVE so that sooner rather than later you will begin to become aware of all the LOVE that is happening within and without you in all ways, always.

What’s more, if you are seriously interested in developing a variety of empowering Pathways to the state of BEING LOVE then you will want to dive into the practice of Yoga Nidra as it will have you entering the deepest states of your being (which is where the state of BEING LOVE happens to be) and the more you practice Yoga Nidra the more you will begin to notice yourself creating a Pathway to that state of BEING LOVE that you can access more and more easily in each and every day.

Yogi Big Love