Being Love - Embarking Upon a Journey to Pathways to Love > How a Narrow Definition of LOVE Will Lead To An Experience of Less LOVE

Believe it or not the more narrow your definition of LOVE is the less often you will experience LOVE in your life.

Far too often, for far too many people, LOVE has fallen into a state of desire of wanting more and more, and bigger and better experiences of LOVE.

In other words, sometimes we all can get stuck in the trap of comparing LOVE to the other experiences of LOVE in our life and once you choose to decide that any experience, person, or situation that fails to provide as "big as" or "great as" an experience of LOVE that you are comparing it to then you have suddenly cut yourself off from so much LOVE in your life.

Especially when you realize that LOVE is happening all around you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Can you imagine what would happen if you suddenly decided that the only LOVE you needed was a romantic partner that would take you out to dinner and movies, cuddle with you, and provide for you, and introduce you to new and fun activities?

If you can’t imagine what that would be like let me tell you.

You more than likely would find yourself in one of two states.

You go out to dinner and movies, but find yourself experiencing a sense of sadness and loss every time you see two people together experiencing what you perceive to be the only LOVE you need.

You simply would stop going out because the pain of seeing others together would be too much for you.

Even worse, is that you would be unwittingly setting yourself up for future pain and resentment of whoever (if ever) you find to "LOVE" you because you would find yourself in a perpetual state of needing LOVE to be a certain way.

In other words, you would be playing a never-ending game of give and take rather than ever really truly experiencing a state of BEING LOVE.

Of course, that’s not to say that the LOVE that you want and desire is wrong, its more along the lines of learn how to LOVE and Appreciate what you do have in life right now that way when the LOVE that you would like to have comes along you won’t be so desperate to get it that you can never fully learn to appreciate it and/or LOVE it because you were in the Habit of wanting rather than Loving.

Yogi Big Love