Being Love - Embarking Upon a Journey to Pathways to Love > How Expanding Your Definition of LOVE Will Lead to More LOVE

If you’ve ever taken the time to think about it how to get and experience more LOVE in your life it would seem rather obvious that simply expanding your definition of what LOVE is would lead to more love in your life.

Indeed truth be told, expanding your definition of LOVE will lead to more love.

And I would like you to become aware of any Pathways to Love that you may have been resisting that will actually lead to you experiencing an incredibly empowering pathway to the State of BEING LOVE.

Of course, if you’re like most people then you already realize that the words that are written on this paper may indeed have an incredible amount of truth in them yet the reality is that your beliefs and habits around LOVE are what they are.

However, simply by reading these words and continuing to read even now means that even though your conscious mind may not be ready to hear that finding more Pathways to LOVE will lead to more LOVE, deep down your subconscious mind is actually listening to these words and has already begun to search for and is finding new pathways to LOVE for you to experience.

As for those of you who are making a conscious effort now to expand your definition of LOVE to include many more Pathways and experiences to LOVE you can feel safe and secure in knowing that your subconscious mind is listening as well.

Best of all, no matter whether your conscious mind or subconscious mind has already begun the process of expanding your definition of LOVE so that you can LOVE more you will be glad to know that the practice of Yoga Nidra is one of the most of effective tools that you can use in order to create an empowering pathway into the state of BEING LOVE and more.

Yogi Big Love