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Let’s face it for the most part we all have experienced Love at some point in our lives even if you don’t feel Love now.

However, for many of us the only kind of Love that you are able to experience is when it is automatic reaction someone or something.

In other words, the only time you LOVE is when you find yourself automatically in a state of LOVE without you having to have to actually do anything about it.

As you can imagine, we live in an increasingly complex society yet when it comes to our emotions many times the default setting is on automatic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if in the future you actually could transform your capacity to LOVE to whenever you wanted rather than to only LOVE as a reaction to something or someone?

That’s why you will be glad to know that there is an even better way to LOVE and with time you will quickly begin to discover that the more you practice LOVE the quicker you will find yourself in a state of BEING LOVE more and more often.

Best of all, you can begin your practice of LOVE right now simply by finding a quiet place where there aren’t any distractions and you wont be disturbed for at least five to ten minutes.

From there you will want to close your eyes and simply become aware of the sensations that you feel around your HEART SPACE (Which is located at the middle of your chest) and take deep conscious breaths in LOVE and exhaling all tensions, worries and anxieties.

And if you wake up each morning and allow yourself those five to ten minutes to feel LOVE and more importantly listen to what your heart has to say from that quiet place you will actually be creating a pathway to LOVE that you can access at any time rather than having to wait until you encounter someone or something that causes your LOVE to automatically happen.

As if all of this wasn’t enough you will also be glad to know that if you are seriously interested in learning how to live in a state of BEING LOVE then diving into the depths of the practice of Yoga Nidra is something that I would highly recommend as it will actually take you to the deepest states of your being which just in case you didn’t know is where the most empowering state BEING LOVE happens to reside.

Yogi Big Love