Sumits Yoga Biltmore

Sumits Yoga Biltmore
2107 E Camelback Rd Ste A-28D
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Located in the heart of the Camelback Corridor at 20th street and Camelback, Sumits Yoga Biltmore offers you the opportunity to engage all five sense with a sense of warmth and positive energy the moment you walk in.

Sumits Yoga Biltmore is an open, spacious, and clean yoga studio that is fully furnished with restrooms and showers where light toiletries and towels are provided.

From the moment you walk in you will find yourself feeling right at home as the friendly and helpful staff will make sure that your yoga experience is one of the very best you've ever had.

Sumit's Yoga Biltmore Classes

Sumit's Yoga (Hot Yoga) - Based on the core principles of a traditional heated Bikram Yoga class integrated with an Ashtanga-inspired power flow. Sumits yoga is a class that is designed for all levels of yoga practitioner from beginner to advanced. Following a sequence of poses with music playing in the background for some proves to be both balancing and energizing in a heated environment.

Hour Flow (Hot Yoga) - This is a Vinyasa-style flow class that uses the breath as the primary link between attentiveness and integrating the body and mind. This hour of power flow is an intensified practice that will help strengthen your entire body while at the same time focusing on flow, movement and balance.

Sumit's Yoga Biltmore Class Fee

$18 Per Yoga Class

Sumit's Yoga Biltmore Studio Review

Here is what people have been saying about Sumit's Yoga Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ

I enjoyed the flow. The instructor's "enthusiasm" was a bit much for me, though. He shouted. Not "at" us, but just shouted. I did like how he allowed us to make it our own practice, but the shouting caused some tension. I would go here again.
Jasmine T (via Yelp)

This is a beautiful studio. I love the wood floors as opposed to the carpet at Bikram. It is very clean and they have Luluemon in stock which is always awesome. The flow at the beginning of class gets me super flexible and makes time fly. The hour flow classes are my favorite.
Amy P (via Yelp)

...I did my registration and reservation for a class on their web site which is very convenient. The yoga studio is very clean and very hot but that's what hot yoga is supposed to be like right?

Overall awesome experience,
Jelena G (via Yelp)