Loving Care and Kindness While Practicing Yoga

How long do you have to remain tense and tight before you forget that you are tense and tight?

Better yet, what if I told you that after a certain point your tendency will be to remain tense and tight, even if whatever actually created the tension in the first place no longer is present?

Believe it or not on June 28th, 2012 that is what I began to realize while taking Yogi E’s Classic Level 1--2 yoga class at Yoga Pura. In class, we were continuing to explore this concept of learning how to be kind to ourselves and the importance of treating ourselves with tender loving care.

Now I wonder if you might begin to notice just like idea after class that he could’ve talked about this concept until he was blue in the face. And I still wouldn’t have fully understood exactly what he was trying to tell us.

No doubt about it, I understood the words (from a definition point of view), the concept (from a that sounds easy to do and is reasonable perspective).

But how about when it comes to actually applying it?

Let’s just say...

You dont know what you dont know until you know you dont know.

For instance...

The vast majority of the time, Child’s Pose is one of my favorite yoga postures because I am able to let go and relax fully into the posture.

So it was rather interesting to notice how tense my shoulders were while “relaxing” in Child’s Pose.

And as you sit there reading this here are some of the questions I began to ponder about from this realization...

How long have I been holding this tension in my shoulders?
What am I holding onto with this tension?
In what areas of my life am I tense when all that’s neccessary is to relax?

By the way, I want you to understand, just understand...

The tension being held in your body, in my body, simply can’t be released just by talking about it.

First, you have to notice it then you have to learn or rather allow yourself to relax into it. At least that has been my experience with this whole process. And if you can begin to do this now in a yoga class while moving in and out of yoga postures. Quite naturally, you might begin to notice the tension you’re creating in the “real world” beginning to dissolve and disappear as well.

Nevertheless, I found myself spending the majority of class moving in and out of the postures with kindness and loving care towards myself.

What’s more, I noticed the tension and holding in my shoulders and allowed myself to relax with it. And when the tension, the holding wouldn’t release thats when I decided to listen to the instructions that were being given and continued to treat myself with kindness and loving care.

Big Love Always,