Finding Peace In The Middle of Unrest and Distress Throughout the World


Let’s face it, all you have to do is turn on the evening news to realize that there is much unrest and distress throughout the world. You might feel more comfortable choosing to believe that there is no resolution to the world’s problem, or you can choose in this moment of now that the power for Peace is within you. More than that, you can begin to recognize that when you tap into that Peace within you it is also helping each and every person to become more empowered to tap into that Peace within them as well.

You might want to think about the fact that when you know and experience for yourself that Peace is within you in turn you will begin to recognize that Peace within is something that all people throughout the entire world can experience as well.

Best of all, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could envision that peace within you reaching into the farthest corners of this earth so that it can show the way to peace and acceptance for all.

Now I want you to go way deep into your mind and visualize that the power within you is greater than any human weakness, pride, or prejudice. And as you do so allow yourself to have faith that every Heart is open to receiving that Love, Joy and Peace within and that every mind in time will open to that wisdom and understanding that Love, Joy and Peace within brings.

Regardless if you read this entire article or not, more and more you will think about how you can tap into this Love, Joy and Peace within you. Perhaps already noticing that sense of Peace within you take a deep breath in and recognize that when you practice meditation on a daily basis you are actually tapping into that Peace within you.

Remember these words when you awake each morning and know that in each and every moment you have a choice. You can choose to focus upon all of the unrest and distress around the world with a sense of powerlessness over those things you can’t control or you can allow yourself to practice meditation on a daily basis so that you can find yourself in that state of Love, Joy and Peace that you want all to experience.

Whether you realize it now or later the more often you connect to this place within you that is full of so much Love, Joy and Peace the entire world becomes more peaceful since your own individual peace is a basic unit of peace. In other words, the world cannot be peaceful without you being peaceful and meditation is one way towards that peace.

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